The X-Files:

The X-files is returning to television in 2016. The new season will be filled with lies, deceit, and paranormal activities fans know and love. To celebrate its comeback let’s make fans feel as though they are a part of the show...a part of The X-files team.


Retina scanners will be placed in large cities inviting people to discover the truth about themselves.

ID cards:

After scanning your eye, the kiosk will ID will print an ID revealing whether you are human or extraterrestrial.


During each episode of the new season, fans are invited to follow along in the TV show. Each time a new character is introduced you must decide whether they are with us or against us.

Guerilla pt. 2:

Vague messages will be placed in large cities to stop passersby in their tracks. Using water activated ink, the X symbol and date of premiere will be revealed every time it rains.

Designer: Hollis Griffith