The Competition

For the 2018 AdAge cover competition we were challenged to create a cover advocating for a cause we feel passionate about. We chose, exposing domestic violence. Along with the cover we had to submit a write-up, that summed up our idea.

The Write-up

It’s happening. In the house down the street. In the apartment upstairs…She’s dodging his fists. Choked by her fear. Convincing herself that it’s all okay. That this is the last time she’ll have to conceal her bruises. The last time she’ll have to wipe away the blood, the tears. The worst part? No one knows the battle she’s facing every single day. It could be your co-worker, your neighbor, or someone even closer to you. These women are silenced by their shame and fear. They don’t feel safe exposing their abuse or their abuser. So they conceal it. 

It’s time to make victims feel safe. It’s time to take the make-up off. It’s time to expose domestic violence.

The Cover